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BioMetrics AS proudly announces the Aquaculture Biomass Monitor the next generation in biomass measurement for net pen aquaculture.

Now, for the first time, there is an easy to use, buoy mounted system that operates continuously in the net pen, collecting data on thousands of fish per hour, from the entire water column, automatically calculating the size, depth and swim speed for each fish detected.

Advanced software has been developed to create fully customizable, easy to read reports, automatically transmitted via the Internet to feed barge operators and management.

Operators now have, in one package, a versatile and innovative new product to help increase feeding efficiency, monitor behavior and chart the daily growth of net pen populations.

Next generation DTX Extreme

ApplicationsBioSonics DT X Extreme

Mobile surveys to assess fish population and size distribution

Fixed-station monitoring at rivers, dams, waterintakes

ASV/USV surveys, surface buoys and other unmanned or unattended deployments

Fish passage, entrainment and migration studies

Habitat mapping, seagrass, substrate classification and bathymeric surveys

  • Software features

    Automated real-time and daily summary reports: Daily average fish size (kg) and size distribution Real-time vertical distribution of fish densities Real-time vertical size stratification of fish Total fish detections list includes time, depth, fish size and swim speed for each detection Early warning for escapement and behavioral changes
  • Technology, testing and background

    BioMetrics AS of Kristiansund, Norway, has partnered with BioSonics Inc. of Seattle, USA, a world leader in scientific split beam sonar systems, to bring decades of accurate and defendable marine fisheries measurement expertise to net pen aquaculture.

    BioMetrics and BioSonics, collaborating with Norwegian salmon producers, have conducted extensive testing at operational salmon farming facilities.

    Over 5,000 hours of net pen data have been collected, analyzed and calibrated with slaughter reports to develop accurate fish size estimation software.

  • Product features

    Buoy mounted system floats on the surface
    No components in the water column interfering with the fish
    Fully automated, runs continuously, requires no manpower once deployed
    Detects fish from the entire water column
    Large sample volume, 50,000 +/- fish detections per day